Gijs van Doesburg

Gijs van Doesburg

Founder, major shareholder, ambassador

Gijs van Doesburg is the founder of G. van Doesburg Int. Transport, which he started in 1978 with one truck in Opijnen. Over the years, the transport company has grown into a major international player.

Gijs finds it important that there is always personal attention for our employees and clients. As Gijs himself says: “Entrepreneurship is people work. Trust and sharing in success is my way of working.”

In 2014, Gijs took further steps with the addition of Warehousing and Forwarding (Ocean & Air), which eventually led to GD-iTS Group.

Gijs handed over the baton as Managing Director to his nephew Corné van Doesburg on 1 January 2023. In the background, Gijs is still closely involved in the ins and outs of the company, as well as dealing with the fleet and real estate.

Corné van Doesburg

Corné van Doesburg

Managing director (CEO)

Corné made the move to the family business after a career of more than 20 years in large, international companies. As nephew of founder Gijs van Doesburg, he joined GD-iTS Group as both shareholder and CEO on 1 January 2023. Corné leads the executive and management team of all entities, comprising the disciplines of Finance, Operations, Commercial, IT and HR.

Corné wants to continue the successful path with GD-iTS Group and realise a new phase of (international) growth. He also wants to achieve further professionalisation and efficiency improvements.

For Corné, entrepreneurship means, among other things, ‘seeing the bigger picture’. Not living with the issues of the day, but daring to look ahead and take decisions that help our customers and employees. Always looking for solutions, because ‘can’t be done, doesn’t exist’. Corné’s favourite quote fits the logistics sector perfectly; ‘I will either find a way or make one’ (Hannibal).

Jan Korsten

Jan Korsten

Financial director (CFO)

As Finance Director of GD-iTS Group, Jan Korsten is responsible for ensuring a solid financial foundation of our organisation. Jan has already gained extensive experience in various sectors and has been with GD-iTS since 2015.

According to Jan, with all our different activities, this is a great challenge, but to be successful, also an absolute necessity. This with the aim of having full control over all the different processes and thus facilitating sustainable and, not to mention, profitable growth.

John Stap

John Stap

Operations director (COO)

As Operations Director, John Stap is ultimately responsible for everything around the operation within GD-iTS Group. This includes our warehouse operation, forwarding, equipment and transport. John’s goal is to connect the various entities within the group and, in doing so, ensure optimal performance for you, the customer.

John has a track record of more than 25 years in transport and logistics services, during which he has held various roles. John finds it important that both the warehouses and the fleet are the calling card of our company. Structure and quality are therefore paramount.

John’s ambition is to further support GD-iTS Group in its ambitious plans for the future.

René de Kock

René de Kock

Commercial director (CCO)

As Commercial Director, René de Kock is responsible for everything around sales and marketing within GD-iTS Group. René is a familiar face within the family business and has been with the company for more than 20 years. René has had various roles, but in the last 10 years has mainly focused on building and maintaining our customer portfolio and managing the sales teams internally.

René has inherited entrepreneurship from home and his goal is therefore to further expand GD-iTS group. For René, entrepreneurship means unburdening our customers in the short and long term and thus building (strategic) partnerships.

Ultimately, the goal is to “go for a better result together”. Customer and result orientation is therefore central to René’s approach to commercial leadership.

A logistics challenge? René looks forward to meeting them in order to determine the right interpretation together.

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