Sustainability and CSR

GD-iTS Group is here to help companies meet their transport needs in the most sustainable way possible. Sustainable solutions such as Short Sea Shipping, barge shipping and other intermodal services are highly sought after.

Short Sea Shipping

Short Sea Shipping involves the transport of goods over short distances. For example, between ports within one country, but also between nearby countries. No oceans are crossed. This is the most sustainable solution for many destinations within Europe. It avoids congested roads, can transport large quantities of goods at the same time and has lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to planes and lorries.

Barge shipping

Barge shipping is a sustainable alternative to container transport by road. A barge is a smaller and lighter vessel that transports goods on inland waterways such as rivers and canals. The containers are transported from a larger port, such as Rotterdam, to a barge terminal or warehouse, where the goods are unloaded. This ensures efficient transport within the Netherlands.

Intermodal services

Intermodal transport involves the use of various modes of transport, such as a combination of ships, trucks and trains, to move goods from A to B. Goods are transported in standardised containers, trailers or swap bodies, allowing them to be easily transferred from one mode of transport to another, without having to be removed from their packaging. It also makes the best use of available cargo space. This results in reduced emissions, lower energy consumption and less traffic congestion, ensuring sustainable and efficient transport.


We also focus on working sustainably in our warehouses. For example, all of our warehouse locations use energy-efficient LED lighting that works with motion sensors. Avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. Are warehouses are also fitted with solar panels. Reducing our carbon footprint!

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