Consumers today expect to receive the best level of service. Retailers must meet these high standards. Among other things, this means that customers expect quick delivery. It, therefore, makes sense that retailers also place high demands on their suppliers. 

No kink in the chain

The retail supply chain, in particular that of e-commerce, must be streamlined. We can be of service throughout the entire supply chain: from stock management to on-time delivery of orders.

Ready for the future

The retail industry is constantly changing. This sector is also placing increased focus on sustainability. How do you minimise the impact on people and the environment, despite the number of vehicle journeys? Thanks to our strong focus on sustainable logistics, this is one less thing you need to worry about.

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About GD-iTS Group

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As a logistics service provider, GD-iTS Group helps companies grow within Europe. We assess what a company needs and how we can offer our services in the most sustainable way possible.

The entire supply chain is integrated, ensuring all the systems work together flawlessly. You can get a complete insight into all the processes via our online customer portal. Building a successful future in the European market together!