G. van Doesburg Transport joins Network Benelux (NBX)!

22 December 2023

As of mid-December, G. Van Doesburg Int. Transport has joined the Benelux Network, hereinafter referred to as NBX

NBX consists of a network of 13 transport companies in the Benelux, aimed at optimizing the loading capacity of its members. The objective is to make joint transportation as efficient and sustainable as possible. The benefits include cost reduction and higher loading capacity for the transporter, speed, and a high level of service for the shipper, as well as fewer traffic movements and emissions for all of us

We are pleased as an organization to have been admitted to NBX, thus being able to contribute to more sustainable transport and, at the same time, keep costs manageable for you as a customer.

For our customers, nothing else will change. In most cases, the familiar blue vehicle from G. van Doesburg will still be driving to you or your clients. Additionally, you will continue to receive the quality, speed, and performance that you are accustomed to from us.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!