General terms and conditions

Depending on the nature of the tasks – actual or planned, the following general terms and conditions apply to our activities:

  1. road transport: General Transport Conditions 2002 (click here to view);
  2. storage (including receiving, shipping and physical handling in the warehouse): Logistics Services Conditions 2014 (click here to view);
  3. all other logistics (including, e.g., forwarding and customs formalities): Dutch Forwarding Conditions 2018 (click here to view);
  4. non-logistics work (such as vehicle repair): GD-iTS Group Conditions non-logistics Special Services (click here to view).

As a substitute for the jurisdiction/arbitration clauses in the terms and conditions under (i) and (ii): in all cases, i.e., with respect to activities referred to in (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv), Art. 23 of the terms and conditions mentioned in (iii) applies (click here to view art. 23).